Both the Left and Islamic extremists dislike America and want to see her diminished. They see America as a problem for the world, not as a constructive force. They both believe the ends justifies the means, and both believe in asymmetric warfare. Both are emotionally, not rationally driven, and both live in the moment.  Both believe utopia is possible and both believe they can make it happen, or at least are compelled to try. Both see the other side as evil. Both believe they know what is right, not only for themselves, but for others. Both are driven to bring about change, for they are deeply unhappy in the present. Both believe strongly that the present world order is unjust and feel a strong sense of aggrievement. Both are driven by anger and hatred and seem only fulfilled and happy in wreaking destruction, including self-destruction. Both act to repress free speech; the jihadist kills cartoonists, while liberals suppress speech through political correctness and universities ban those with views they disagree with. Both are easily offended and demand that others say and do nothing to offend them, yet they engage in behavior and speech which is highly offensive to others.  Is it not interesting that the Left is determined to empathize and understand terrorists and jihadists, while they have no tolerance for those who believe in America?

The difference between those in the jihadi movement and liberals is that the former know what they want and tell those they disagree with that they will defeat and even kill them. Liberals, on the other hand, are not honest. They operate through deceit.  The jihadi is also willing to sacrifice himself, while the liberal is narcissistic and self-obsessed, unwilling to sacrifice anything. In addition, the jihadi has a strong sense of moral code and belief, even though it is wrong, while the liberal, subscribing to moral relativism, essentially believes in nothing but himself.  The jihadi is idealistic and action driven, while the liberal is sybaritic and averse to action.

It is interesting that the Obama administration is attacking and diminishing the rights of American citizens, while it is fighting hard for the rights of terrorists or those who wish to harm the country. For instance, it mirandized the Boston bombing terrorist and is seeking to close Guantanamo. The Left, like radical Islam, is trying to subvert Western Civilization from within by using the freedoms which underpin Democracy. The Left merely wears the guise of those supporting Democracy, but it shares the goal of radical Islam: the demise of the West.

Obama is the more serious threat to America and the West. While Islamic extremists have decapitated Westerners and Christians, Obama has decapitated the West. We are without leadership at a time when foes are determined to destroy us.


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