The Lie and Not the Lying


Recently everyone has become preoccupied with Obama’s big lie about Obamacare.  The whole focus is on the details of this lie. But this misses the point. This lie is but a small part of a much bigger problem. This is not a localized issue related to Obamacare. Liberalism is destroying  American democracy not only through reckless spending and debt accumulation, but also through its abandonment of reason and honesty.

Obama began lying even before he completed the oath of office. He promised to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Before running for office Obama made clear that he did not like the Constitution. Whereas the Constitution restricts the powers of government, he believes the power of government should be expanded. His actions as President have done great damage to the Constitution as have his Supreme Court appointments. His whole campaign for the Presidency in 2008 was also a lie. Obama promised to be balanced, transparent, and against ideological rigidity, but obviously has not lived up to these commitments.    After taking office, he has lied relentlessly on Benghazi, the IRS targeting of conservatives, the NSA scandal, and on Obamacare. It is thus amazing that only recently so many all of a sudden have become aware that Obama is lying.  And even now the focus is only on the Obamacare lies, not on the overall pattern and history. The Left and the press have been able to get away with this deceit up until now, but the flagrant failure of the launch of Obamacare which has hit people in a very direct and personal way, impacting their health care and their pocket books, makes this no longer possible.

The larger issue, however, is that liberalism requires lying and deceit. Obamacare, which affects one sixth of our economy, would never have passed if it had been presented honestly. History is clear that liberal policies and experiments with collectivism have been a dismal failure. It is only by shutting off the light of reason and the pursuit of the truth that these failures can be ignored. Liberalism cannot be sustained without deception. This is a clear and present danger to America as democracy cannot survive when politics are practiced through deception and dishonesty.


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