Sophistopia: Defined

Sophistopia is a portmanteau word, a blended word composed of sophistry, meaning false thinking, and utopia, meaning an ideal world.  The school of Greek philosophers known as the Sophists were renowned for their ability to support false conclusions with subtle seemingly credible, but flawed arguments.  Sophistry, thus, is false and flawed logic used to support the illogical and unfounded. The word utopia comes from Sir Thomas Moore’s Utopia about an imaginary island, depicting an ideal imaginary society free of poverty and suffering. The purpose of this blog site is to reveal the specious thinking and argumentation which in today’s world passes for serious political dialogue and underpins much of what liberalism purports to be.  Although today’s liberalism tries to cloak itself in the rationalist traditions of 18th century Enlightenment liberalism, it really embodies very much the irrationalist traits of most collectivist and totalitarian movements.  It is important that we lift this veil and see it for what it is.

Nobody is free from mental error. Those who think they cannot possibly be in error are the most serious threat of all. To be human is to be flawed. To be thoughtful is to be aware that one may be wrong. I am hopeful that this world of false thinking does not characterize the nature of my own thinking, but I am not perfect, so please feel free to puncture my views if they seem flawed. I welcome comment and an exchange of ideas. This is how we all learn.

Serious dialogue and thinking about the problems facing our country have all but vanished. This website seeks to provide a place where such dialogue and thinking is encouraged. If we cannot seriously talk about and understand the issues facing us, they will consume us.