Liberal Justice: Case of Trayvon Martin

The liberal notion of justice is nothing more than an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. Justice implies equal treatment and fairness, but liberals use justice as a tool not for advancing equal treatment and fairness, but for advancing their agenda. They are not interested in equal treatment or the evenhanded application of laws, but rather in preconceived outcomes.

Thousands of blacks are killed every year, almost all of them by other black men. Are liberals concerned about this? No, there is very little attention paid to it. They look for a crime that can divide us, because that is the way they sustain themselves and advance their agenda of power.  Before almost anything was known of the Trayvon Martin case the liberal media and establishment put a spotlight on it. The Washington Post put it on their front page and called the alleged perpetrator, George Zimmerman, a “white” Hispanic. To satisfy their template of division, it simply didn’t fit if Zimmerman was Hispanic, so they called him a white Hispanic. They also made him out to be a racist even though he reportedly mentored black kids and in 2010 actively protested against police corruption when the son of a policeman was not arrested for beating a black homeless man. No one knows what the facts are in this case. The criminal justice system is the forum for sorting this out.

Even if it were clear that Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin simply because he was black or due to racial profiling, would it serve the interest of society to blow it up and cause racial tension and anger if it was one out of thousands of killings? It is always possible to look for things in society which will divide us. Is it not better to look for things that bring us together?

Liberals profess they are against racism. They claim they want to diminish tensions between ethnic groups and work toward a society of unity. Yet their actions and modus operandi militate to fan divisions and work against unity.  This is because the real goal of liberalism is power and the politics of division are the means to achieving it.

Justice for liberals is subservient to their quest for power. They do not mind sacrificing it if it advances their power. In fact the rule of law, equal treatment under the law, is something they are uncomfortable with, as it constrains the exercise of the power of the ruling elite.  The ruling liberal elite prefer to exercise discretion rather than submit to principles or laws. Thus in the economic sphere they want to decide who gets what economically, so economic justice for them is not served by the rules of the market place. Likewise in the legal sphere, the rule of law gets in their way, so they brush it aside.

They are not concerned with justice for George Zimmerman. The media fanned the flames of racism by trying to depict him as a racist with no information to work on.  It is interesting that mob justice and vigilantism, the very things that blacks were most terrified of early in this country’s history, seem now to have become their modus operandi in this case.

Why not let the justice system handle the case? Why try to exert outside pressure without knowing the facts? In fact it is even worse than that in that, by various accounts, the liberal media distorted the facts to make it appear that Zimmerman was guilty of racism.

We all want to see justice for Trayvon Martin, but should we not be interested in justice for George Zimmerman too?  Is it not better to let the judicial system see that justice is served, rather than let the liberal media and race rabble-rousers determine guilt or innocence without a full consideration of the facts?  As a result of what has already happened it will be very difficult for Zimmerman to get a fair trial. Jurors will be intimidated by the raw emotions which have already been stirred. They will fear reprisal if they would decide to acquit Zimmerman and they would fear the probable outbreak of widespread rioting as well.

The New Black Panther Party allegedly issued a bounty on George Zimmerman’s head, but Attorney General Holder has not even said anything about it. Holder also dropped charges against this group a few years earlier when they were outside a site of voting, allegedly intimidating voters. Meanwhile Holder went to a joint event with Al Sharpton who has been actively raising racial emotions in the case. Does something sound amiss here? Does this behavior seem fitting for the Attorney General of the United States whose job it is to see that laws are implemented in an evenhanded way? The liberals claim they were upset with the reported vigilantism of George Zimmerman, but seem bent on practicing it themselves.  The death of Trayvon was a tragedy, but we should not make matters worse through ill-advised, irresponsible actions which serve only to make matters worse.

Liberals love to use the word justice, but in practice make a mockery of it. The liberal view of justice is not just an oxymoron; it is the antithesis of justice. It is not just non justice, it is antagonistic toward justice. It is based on mob emotion arising out of anger and hatred. It is in short a disease of mind and spirit. With the politics of division practiced by liberals, our society is riven and divided. Like a disease in which part of the body fights other parts, liberalism is fostering the growth of a cancer of division that works to the harm of us all.